Connection up to 5 devices

D: 43Mb/s U: 29Mb/s


100+ Server, in 25 countries


24/7 Live Chat/E-Mail

Own DNS Server

99.00 % uptime


Kill Switch



3.3 of 5 Stars (113 customer ratings)
There are 113 customers who found PureVPN on our site rated the product.

Mira  07/05/2018
The speed is unbeatable! Both VPN and support work at the best rate.

Christina  06/05/2018
I am extremely satisfied with the service! Use this VPN service for three months now and works perfectly. Worth every penny!

Daniel  05/05/2018
Compatible with over 20 devices, which is fantastic! Whether it is on laptop, SmartTV, or game console, I can use this VPN anywhere.

Paul  04/05/2018
Excellent support and super easy to use! I’m particularly impressed with the internet speed with the VPN service.

Michael  03/05/2018
I am particularly keen on the split tunnel feature ! So I can direct certain traffic through the VPN, while I use the Internet completely normal over my internet [rpvoder. Gone are the days with slow internet!

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PureVPN is one of the leading VPN providers. The network was already established in 2006 and has greatly expanded over the years. PureVPN is operated by the company GZ Systems based in Hong Kong. PureVPN is one of the largest VPN networks in the world with more than 100 high-performance servers in over 25 countries worldwide.

PureVPN software uses a double AES-256 encryption and supports many security and connectivity protocols, including the OpenVPN protocol. Inexperienced users benefit from automatic protocol selection. The Internet kill switch ensures privacy and anonymity. DDoS protection and the NAT firewall add-on significantly further improve security. PureVPN uses its company’s own DNS network without third-party participation. The company is not bound to European or American data storage regulations as it is seated in Hong Kong. Therefore, user activity is not monitored and log data are not permanently stored.

Customer support is available to users per email and live chat 365 days a year. The software can be tested risk-free thanks to the 7-day money-back guarantee.


More and more people stream films, series, and sports broadcasts. Streaming providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Sky are hugely popular thanks to a large ad-free selection that is immediate available. It depends on the country of the user when various content becomes available. Content is naturally first available in the country of production. Users from other countries are blocked due to licensing rights.

VPN software users benefit from a significantly greater streaming selection. They can easily circumvent the IP barriers and access all available content. The virtual location can be changed and the IP address unrecognizably masked with such software. This allows VPN users to stream all country-specific content, sports broadcasts, as well as films and series in the original language.

Users of PureVPN are sure to receive one of over 88,000 IP addresses without waiting with over 100 VPN servers at more than 25 locations worldwide. Users additionally benefit from the possibility to always change servers. The high download speed of up to 43 Mbit per secondcombined with unlimited data volume makes PureVPN the ideal software for streamers. Even content in very high-quality 4K resolution can be streamed without delay. The VPN client works on a total of 20 different devices. PureVPN is compatible with devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, routers, and smart TVs. It is possible to either configure manually or use a special app.


The large file sharing platforms eMule, eDonkey, and BitTorrent are as popular as they have always been. This is somewhat surprising, considering that the Internet is now monitored much more strictly than in the early days. Downloading non-copyrighted material from the Internet is still safe. If file sharing users however download copyrighted materials, they violate copyright laws. Users can expect to pay a hefty fine if authorities catch them red-handed.

Users can surf the Internet anonymously and share files free of cares using VPN software. Most VPN software providers explicitly allow using file sharing platforms by allowing the necessary P2P connections. VPN programs are excellently suited to anonymously download music, films, and software thanks to a high-quality encryption, the useful kill switch function, and unlimited bandwidth.

PureVPN software wins its users over with excellent transfer rates and unlimited bandwidth. Users can download files at speeds of up to 43 MBit per second. The maximum upload speed is good, clocked at 29 Mbit per second. File sharing programs are automatically closed if the VPN connection is interrupted with the kill switch function. PureVPN only stores necessary data and does not log user data activity. The entire VPN network is maintained in-house without third-party companies involved. This ensures that customer data do not fall into the wrong hands. According to the company, P2P connections are allowed and possible with most PureVPN servers.


Each user in the world can use the Internet, but not each user can use the Internet without restriction. Even today, there are still some countries that block various Internet services and websites. Famous examples are Turkey, Russia, Iran, and China. Inhabitants of these countries cannot use all websites and services and are barred from accessing many well-known sites like Wikipedia due to firewall blocking.

VPN software is excellently suited for business travelers or inhabitants of one of these countries. The virtual location is changed and the IP address completely masked using modern encryption. VPN users thereby circumvent the firewall blocking and can use the Internet in these countries without restriction or censorship. Neither user data nor surfing activity can be filtered and decrypted by the firewalls.

PureVPN software offers its customers more than 100 high-performance servers in more than 25 countries all over the world. Each user gets the right virtual location thanks to a huge selection of more than 88,000 IP addresses. All VPN data connection is protected by an NAT firewall and a high-quality AES-256 encryption. The OpenVPN protocol ensures that annoying country and company firewalls are bypassed. Even the Chinese “Great Firewall” can be circumvented by PureVPN software users, allowing them full Internet access.


Criminals are no longer limited to the offline realm. Internet criminality is a serious problem. The methods employed by cyber criminals are getting more and more base, and the Internet is now significantly more dangerous than it was in the early days. If criminals manage to obtain the personal or even banking data of other Internet users, they can misuse these, in the worst case resulting in users losing a lot of money. Not just criminals are interested in these data, companies are keen on them as well. They use these data to offer users tailor-made advertisements.

Each Internet user can completely protect their identity and surf the World Wide Web anonymously using modern VPN software. As the IP address of the user is encrypted, neither his/her data nor his/her surfing activity can fall into the hands of authorities, criminals, or companies. The Internet user browses from a secure data tunnel thanks to the VPN software. The user does not need to worry that his/her personal data are misused by anyone.

The company headquarters of the VPN provider are located in Hong Kong. That is also why the company does not need to comply with European and American data storage regulations. That is why PureVPN only stores the necessary user data and does not permanently store the log files. The company operates and manages the entire VPN network by itself without third-party assistance. This ensures that user data does not fall into the wrong hands. Modern PureVPN software uses a secure 256-bit encryption and offers its users the practical kill switch function. Users additionally benefit from a hardware-based NAT firewall and DNS Leak Resolver. All supported protocols are listed in Table 1.

Protocol PureVPN
Open VPN (TCP& UDP) x
L2TP/IPSec x
IKEv2 x

Users can pay with the untraceable currency Bitcoin to further increase their anonymity. This – in combination with the no logging policy – ensures users that their privacy is completely safe with PureVPN. All security features of the provider are listed in Table 2.

Security features PureVPN
Kill switch x
DNS-server ownership x
DNS Leak Resolver x
Accepts Bitcoins or gift vouchers X
Double AES-256 encryption X
Peer-to-peer connections possible X



PureVPN customers have access to over 88,000 IP addresses. The users have at total of more than 100 VPN servers at over 25 locations at their disposal. During our extensive testing, we measured maximum possible speeds for downloads at 43 MBit per secondUploading was only a little bit slower at 29 Mbit per second.

PureVPN wins its users over with its very high server density, low latency, and it offers its users reliable performance with unlimited data volume. The average time to connect during our tests was only 9 seconds and the ping time was 6 ms on average. Both are very good values compared to other VPN providers. The combination of high download speed and unlimited data volume makes PureVPN software ideal for streaming and file sharing. Customers additionally benefit from a server change and if they want automatically selected protocols. All performance specifications can be found in Table 3.

Performance feature PureVPN
Max download speed 43 Mb/s
Max upload speed 29 Mb/s
Ping time 6 ms
Average time to connect 9s
Reliability rating Satisfying


PureVPN software can be installed in a few minutes on all Windows and Macintosh computers. There is an official PureVPN app in the stores for mobile devices with Android or iOS. The software needs to be manually installed on Linux computers, Windows Phones, game consoles, and routers. This is somewhat more complicated than the automatic installation. All supported devices and platforms are listed in Table 4.

Device PureVPN
Windows App
Mac OS App
Linux Manual configuration
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone Manual configuration
Router Manual configuration
Game console Manual configuration

It is possible to tune the software to your individual demands thanks to the many configuration options. It is therefore excellently suited for experienced users. The many automatic functions also make PureVPN a good fit for beginners. The official website contains a lot of useful information and FAQs. Support gladly helps customers per email or in real-time through the live chat 365 days a year.


PureVPN is a professional VPN software of an experienced company. PureVPN is one of the most high-performance providers with more than 100 servers and more than 88,000 IP addresses. Customers benefit from a good value software, a secure AES-256 encryption, reliable protection by a hardware firewall, and the useful kill switch function. No user data are permanently stored as the company is not headquartered in Europa or America, and it complies with a no logging policy. The entire VPN network is completely managed without third-party assistance.

Users can always contact the support service with questions or problems. The subscription can be anonymously paid for using Bitcoins and tested risk-free for 7 days. PureVPN is a good choice for gamers, streamers, and users of file sharing platforms searching for good value and professional VPN software.

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